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  1. Hello-

    Very interesting website you have here. I am a grad student at the Korbel School in Int’l Studies, at the U of Denver, taking a class in forecasting. As my paper for the class is based on forecasting political instability, I plan to access this website extensively over the coming weeks. I am curious if you know of any programs accessible over the internet that forecast political instability.

  2. Temesghen Kubrom


    Like Josiah, let me start with by apprciating the web site for providing such indepth ideas. I am a post graduate student of Friedensforschung und Internationale Poltik at the uni of Tuebingen/ Germany. I am on my last semester preparing for my gradthesis. My Idea is to access the CEWARN in IGAD, its effectivness and its role in conflictmanagement of the region. Till now I have managed to read some works on the subject of conflict prognostation. And Like Josiah, I am going to use and share my ideas. I would appriciate your help.

    Temesghen K.

    • Hi Temesghen,

      Many thanks for your note and great to read that you are interested in assessing CEWARN. Please email me: patrick dot meier at tufts dot edu with specific questions and I’ll do my best help.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I’m Croos from sri lanka. I’m currently working at FCE which works with an third generation early warning system. i also handle the system and involve in the Early Warning team. I have been following this conversation on EW&ER and the concept of a 4th generation system.

    I would like to study more about the EW & ER system and specialized in this field. is there any opportunity to do a masters or post graduate degree in this field. I did my first degree in sociology in University of Peradeniya. is there any chance of getting scholarship for such studies. It would help me to learn more about this field which is more important in the coming years in sri lanka.

    looking forward your reply.

    Best regards

    • Dear Croos,

      Many thanks for your email and great to know you’re working at FCE. I have not found any masters/post-graduate degrees in conflict early warning but would recommend the Institute for Conflict Analysis at George Mason:

      Please email me and I will put you in touch with the Dean of the Institute. I will also send you a copy of the syllabus I developed for a course on conflict early warning.

      All the best,

  4. Hi All, I’ve just written a blog post entitled “Where to Study Conflict Early Warning?”:

    I hope you find it useful.


  5. Temesghen Kubrom

    Dear Patrick and readers,

    Just like I mentioned above, I am a post grad student writting my thesis in University of Tuebingen ( germany). I am trying to convince my professors to work on CEWARN. My Idea is to write a discriptive ( on genesis of the organization, institution and indicator formation and evaluation etc) and a explanatory ( effectivness and as to why and what the factors are, that contributed to it) approches.

    The scepticism from part of my institution ( a known university with Institutionalist approch) is weather we can measure the effectiveness of such a system ( CEW) and if there are adequate theoretical framework to begine with. what they would eager to see is, to analyse the institution and hence try to answer the research question: why states cooperate ? ( a classic institutionalist approch) . I would be Grateful to read your opinions on that.

    Temesghen Kubrom

  6. Dear Patrick,

    I am one of those lowly undergrads who are interested in the discipline of conflict prevention. My studies thus far have centered around African politics (Sudan and the neighboring countries) but I find myself pulled towards conflict prevention for many of the same reasons that you’ve discussed in your blog.

    Multiple times, you mention frustration that your blog is without company, that online discussion of the CP discipline is still lacking. I agree with that sentiment and am building a website to serve as a research portal – including articles, important researchers and practitioners outlined, some interviews, and a blog of my own on the subject. This will serve to help me organize and direct my studies, but also may be useful to others pursuing their own research. The current draft of the website is listed above although there is little posted at the moment.

    I’m in Cairo right now, so calling is difficult. But I would enjoy having a chance to Skype to discuss your experiences in conflict prevention, seek advice on my own entry to the discipline, and possibly hear your thoughts on the type of information that your readers have found most useful.

    Maybe we can communicate and pick a time?

    Best wishes,
    Eric Frenkil

  7. Dear Mr. Patrick,

    My name is Orit Ibrahim. I am a graduate student in Peace and Security in Addis ABaba, Ethiopia. I am working also in the African union in the Situaiton Room, which is a hub of the Conflict Early Warning Unit. Currently AU is in a process of developing continental wide early warning system with all the regional economic communities and that include CEWARN.

    I have read your blogs regarding the inclusion of gender in early warning and response. That make me very interested because I’m working on my final thesis and it is on Mainstreaming gender in Conflict Analysis Frameworks. I shall be doing a comparative study on the AU early warning framework called the strategic conflict assessment framework and that of the USAID. I wanted to do a comparison between the regional ones but ECOWARN doesn’t have the framework yet and also CEWARN I believe. That is why I jumped to USAID.

    I don’t know how it is possible but I need your help in advising and sending me some documents on the issue.

    Awaiting your response,


  8. Hello Mr. Meier,

    I would like to first and foremost thank you for this interesting site. It is very rich and enlightening. I have gained so much in the short space of time, since i came across the site.

    I, like many above is presently conducting my academic research on African religious practices in EW and CP. I am seeking some guidance and I honestly believe you can provide some.

    Please let me know if you would have the time to share some of your viewpoints with me.


  9. Hello Patrick.

    My name is Dacia and I am a greed student in the NPSIA program at Carleton University in Ottawa. I was wondering/hoping that you might have a suggestion for me as to where I could look for the most up to date stats on Haiti – environmental impacts, economic impacts, etc. I am working with a diagnostic team to put together a report that outlines Haiti’s outlook post earthquake. It was recommended to me that I get in touch with you.

    Thank you so much! Like so many others I really appreciate the volume and quality of the information your blog provides!

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