My name is Patrick Meier and this is the Blogosphere’s first blog on the theory and practice of conflict early warning and response. The field of conflict early warning seeks to forecast the outbreak of armed conflict, or, at minimum, to detect the early escalation of violence, with the objective of preventing the outbreak or the further escalation of violence in order to save lives.

The purpose of this blog is to openly share how our thinking on early warning has changed and continues to change as we seek to maximize the impact of our work in operational conflict prevention. What works? What no longer works? What’s next?

Note: The entries on this website in no way reflect the views of the organizations/institutions I work for and have worked for.

Patrick Philippe Meier

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  1. P.E.A.C.E. Inc is working with the Peace Studies Program at the Univ. of Missouri. They have adopted our Sustainable Peace and Development program and we are assisting them in identifying software for their Peace Room, and are deciding what we need to develop in the EWS area for local issues of violence: on campus, town, city, home. Your suggestions/ideas are requested.


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  3. There is steady progress on the early-warning front; it’s the response which – despite all the conferences, pronouncements, recommendations, and the repeated instances of distraught commentary from those who wished they could have responded effectively – still doesn’t happen.

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