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Ushahidi: Crowdsourcing for Peace Mapping

Cross-posted on iRevolution. Lynda Gratton at the London Business School gave one of the best Keynote speeches that I’ve heard all year. Her talk was a tour de force on how to catalyze innovation and one of her core recommendations … Continue reading

How Ushahidi Can Become a Real Early Response Platform

As is well known in the field of disaster management, preparedness and contingency planning is core to the success of people-centered early warning networks. See my previous post on “Insights from Disaster Early Warning.” While Ushahidi users can now subscribe … Continue reading

How Ushahidi Can Become a Real Early Warning Platform

Ushahidi currently uses incident reporting (or more technically event-logging) as the methodology to document violent events that have taken place. While Ushahidi’s use of FrontlineSMS accelerates the crowdsourcing of crisis information, the violence reported on Ushahidi has by definition already … Continue reading

Ushahidi and Conflict Early Response

Ushahidi‘s approach to conflict early warning/response is refreshingly different from mainstream conventional approaches. Conflict early warning systems like CEWARN in the Horn of Africa, ECOWARN in West Africa and the African Union’s CEWS are all top-down, centralized and hierarchical. Some … Continue reading

Launching PeaceTXT to Prevent Violence

[Cross-posted on Ushahidi blog] CeaseFire began operations 10 years ago in one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods. Within a year, the project reduced shootings by 67%. These results have since been replicated dozens of times in Chicago, other US cities … Continue reading

Gender and Early Warning Systems

My colleague Linda Öhman at the OSCE just published an excellent report on Gender and Early Warning Systems. As Öhman notes, “conflict analysis, including early warning, has traditionally not included a women’s  rights or gender perspective.” The consequences? “When women … Continue reading

Micro-dynamics of Reciprocity in an Asymmetric Conflict (Updated)

Thomas Zeitzoff is a PhD candidate at New York University. I came across his research thanks to the Ushahidi network, and am really glad I did. He wrote a really neat paper earlier this year on “The Micro-dynamics of Reciprocity … Continue reading

Chapter 8: Impact of FCE’s Human Security Program

The 8th chapter of the FCE book was co-authored by Joseph Bock, Patricia Lawrence and Timmo Gaasbeek. The chapter summarizes findings from six in-depth case studies carried out to assess the impact of the FCE’s Human Security Program in the … Continue reading

Introduction: Third Generation Early Warning Book Review

This is a short summary of the book’s introduction and as such not a critique. Rupesinghe asks: “Why is early warning still ineffective in spite of the fact that there are a number of sophisticated early warning systems all over … Continue reading

The Mathematics of War: Before the TED Talk

My new colleague Sean Gourely recently presented his research on “The Mathematics of War” at the TED 2009 conference. I met Sean in March this year, a month after TED, and soon realized we had been doing very similar research … Continue reading